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Last week, we revealed how one in four people in Spain are now living in poverty, after the Cáritas organisation released their latest figures, showing how there has been an increase of 4.4 million people facing the worst times as a result of the financial crisis.

The number of people now living in poverty has reached a record 11.7 million. Of those people, the report says that 77% have no work and 61% are struggling to find a place to live. The report also says that half a million families in Spain have no source of income. The official unemployment figure in Spain is around 23%, whereas in our local area the figure is much higher, at 33.07%.

Therefore, we consider that the time is right to once again ask for your help, as we launch our annual campaign to collect food for the hungry, which has been a huge success over recent years, and we hope that your generosity will once again show how much you care and are prepared to directly help somebody in need.

Between now and Christmas, we will be collecting foodstuffs, and are asking for donations of dried or tinned food, preferably with a long use-by date.

As always, we are also collecting for the family pet. When families are struggling to feed themselves, it is not surprising that the extended members of that family fall down the list of priorities, and so we are also collecting dried or tinned pet food that we can also distribute.

Recently, we have been asked why we stopped collecting toys for the kids too, and so, we have also included those this year too. You are welcome to wrap your gift, for that added excitement to the recipient, but if you do, please give us a clue on the wrapping as to the suggested age and gender, if appropriate, of the toy you are donating.

You can of course give cash if you like, although we much prefer the material goods in this campaign, as we then know for a fact that every single item donated goes directly to help somebody in need.

As of previous years, we of course thank you for your continued generosity, and stress how even the smallest of donations really can make a difference. With this sort of campaign, it really is true to say that “every little helps”.

All of the items donated will be distributed to local charitable and help associations at Christmas, so your generosity really has the chance to make a huge impact to a family during what could be the bleakest of times.

You can drop off your donations at our offices in the Los Dolces commercial centre, or, if your gift is too difficult to carry, or perhaps you struggle with mobility yourself, then call our office and we can try to make arrangements to collect your donations.

We will keep you updated throughout the campaign, and, once again, on behalf those who can look forward to a magical Christmas thanks to you, we thank you.

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